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Dr. Chi is a sought after Board Certified Hand Surgeon practicing in Orange County, California. She has also taught at several major universities as an assistant professor throughout her career. As a renowned hand surgeon, educator and hand rejuvenation expert, Dr.Chi performs countless surgeries and rejuvenation procedures on the hands of her patients. As one of the body’s most exposed and expressive areas subject to aging effects caused by UV rays, irritants, and chemicals, more and more people are requesting cosmetic treatments for their hands to improve texture, skin discoloration, and reduce fine lines. She is frequently approached by her patients asking “What can I do to make my hands look youthful without injection or surgery?” Additionally she had noticed that the frequent hand washing during surgeries using harsh chemicals had taken a toll on her own hands and suffered a bout of severe chemical induced dermatitis. She searched in vain not able to find any products on the market that were effective. Inspired by her own experience, she created ‘Chí Beauté, the first and only professional grade Luxury Hand Rejuvenation System.

Dr. Chi envisioned a holistic approach to redefine the hand rejuvenation process and help her clients correct the damaging effects of environmental elements on hands while also slowing the skin’s aging process. “As a hand surgeon, I’ve seen the damage that harsh chemicals, sun exposure and aging can cause on our hands,” Dr. Chi explains. “After years of research and clinical testing, we developed a non-surgical skincare regimen that combines the most effective natural ingredients and cutting edge scientific formulation to rejuvenate hands and restore their youthful appearance.”

 Formulated as an advanced at-home regimen, Chí Beauté consists of 4 products with 3 customized ritual sets. This unique delivery system makes hand rejuvenation possible with targeted results and maximum effectiveness by unlocking the full power of science and nature for visibly younger looking hands without injection or surgery. Second only to your face, your hands reveal your age, Chí Beauté will make them look youthful and keeping them feeling rejuvenated and beautiful!